Guest Cancellations

Our goal is to make sure that your home is enticing to guests, and part of that includes having policies in place that encourage more people to book.

Marketplaces like Airbnb and Vrbo give preference to guest-friendly policies, so right now, our plan focuses on flexibility. We’ve seen that guests are more likely to book your home when they have the freedom to change their plans if something unexpected comes up. 

To determine the best cancellation policy for your guests, we constantly adjust factors like cancellation windows, refundability, and payment terms. The goal is always to improve booking performance and maximize your rental income in the long run.

To see the cancellation policy that applies to a specific booking, review the details in your Owner Account.

There may be times where we consider a refund due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control (such as severe weather events). In those cases, Happy Place Vacation Rentalswill evaluate the circumstances and provide refunds at our own discretion.

Owner Cancellations

 Please do everything you can to avoid cancellations or double bookings.

 As an owner, cancelling a booking has a serious impact on guests and will likely result in a negative review. It also brings down your conversion rate and negatively impacts your performance on our distribution channels. Your listing will be penalized, which will limit the number of people who can view it. 

If you absolutely must cancel or remedy a double booking, contact Happy Place Vacation Rentals immediately to let our experienced team resolve the inevitable backlash from guests. You’ll be charged a minimum of $250 or 2x our management fee, whichever is greater.

Obviously, unforeseeable events like natural disasters or break-ins are different from voluntary owner cancellations. Call us at 727.474.2496 and we’ll do everything in our power to help.

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